Roller Skating Discos Across Scotland

About United SK8S

United SK8S was founded through the desire to bring the joys of Roller Skating to our communities in towns and cities around Scotland and North East England. We want to get Scotland skating and we travel up as far as Aberdeen and Dundee, throughout Edinburgh, Fife and onto Berwick, Renfrewshire and Ayrshire with our Family and Adult Roller Disco events.

Our Aim

Our goal is to bring fun and healthy recreation to the community.  Since our beginnings in 2016,  we have built a recognised reputation for providing a good value, fun and energetic form of family entertainment.

Join us on one of our many Family and Adult Roller Discos, and skate to your favourite music while enjoying an environment that is fun and vibrant and appeals to all ages.   A United SK8S event is a great place to mingle with your friends, or make new ones, while enjoying the benefits of an aerobic activity.

Our aim is to provide Family fun with a unique and different activity of roller skating combined with lights and music, the best combination!. We want to  let friends and families enjoy active time together and to unite skaters of all ages and abilities. We truly feel that this is a rare thing, that generations of families can join together and take part in the same thing, learn to skate, laugh and keep fit while doing so. Its time to get your skates on, Let's Roll!