Learn to Roller Skate

At United SK8S, we are committed to keeping Kids and Young people active and have seen first-hand the benefits of Roller Skating with young people in a huge variety of community settings throughout Scotland.

Roller skating is not P.E. and isn’t overly competitive. Its often seen that some children engage well in roller skating as a sport even when they show no interest at school in other physical education programmes. Relationships are built and our aim is that confidence and resilience will be boosted in time.


Junior Roller Derby

The Junior SK8 Lessons will lead on to learning Junior Roller Derby with Demonburgh Junior Roller Derby (7-17 years).

Skaters will learn safe skating skills in line with The BRSF levels and progress on to learning the skills and techniques involved in the sport of Junior Roller Derby.

This is a great chance to be part of this unique and fast paced sport. Starting at this level we hope to build and encourage skate stars of the future, our next generation of talent!


Our coaches are BRSF Level 2 and Minimum skills qualified. Both with passion and determination to build and train the kids to Roll out into the exciting Junior Roller Derby World.


Skaters will need skates, helmet, elbow, knee and wrist guards. A mouth guard is also essential with this sport.

United SK8S Shop will offer equipment at a great discounted rate should you wish to join this SK8 School class. Contact us for details or with any questions.