SK8ercise Roller Skate Fitness Classes

SK8ercise has been rolling out since our concept in Sept 2016. We started in Edinburgh and ran classes in  Fife, Dundee and Aberdeen.

SK8ercise is a skate based fitness class combining endurance skating for a great cardio work out and other vamped up, normally dull, exercising on roller skates. The class includes basic skate skills and is open to skaters of all abilities, new or returning. We find that it appeals to adults seeking a new, fun, alternative way to keep fit, possibly bored of the gym or such like. Some simply wanted to find something that didn’t feel like exercise, Roller skating is indeed just that, having fun, working out when you don’t even know you are.

There are now ticket options for you to choose from. SK8ercise runs as a 5 week block, tickets for 5 weeks, 4 weeks and 3 weeks are now available. This allows SK8ercise to be more accessible to parents, shift workers or indeed those with commitments within the designated dates for the class.


Equipment Required

You will need:

  • Skates – our instructor teaches with quad SK8S but inline skates are more than welcome.
  • Helmet – This is necessary and can be a bike helmet if you want.
  • Protection/ Padding – Wrist, knee, and elbow pads are also required to take part in any SK8ercise session.

The United SK8 Shop has a vast range of items available, special deals on skates and equipment are available to those taking part in SK8ercise sessions.

Let’s do this, Let’s Roll!